The Forest Products Accelerator’s third sprint begins November 14th at Do North Coworking in Lyndonville, VT!

The Forest Products Accelerator is a four month program for Northern American pre-seed and seed stage companies that are commercializing new and improved products, services, and technology in the forest industry.

Companies get expert advice and tools to build a market validated business case, model, and operating plan through a rigorous commercialization curriculum, coaching, webinars and panels, and connections to industry experts, customers, and suppliers.

The program is open to companies focusing in a range of areas including- technology that improves operations and management, finished products, wood heat and energy, or companies developing new uses for byproducts and low grade wood.

The Accelerator is open to pre-seed and seed stage companies, either pre-revenue or with initial revenue, focused on three broad areas:

  • Products that use chips, dust, resins, and other byproducts and low grade wood.
  • Technology that improves forest management, sales, safety, and other operations.
  • Products and processes that develop and improve advanced wood heat, fuels, and energy.

If you want to learn more about the Forest Products Accelerator or determine if your company or idea is a good fit for the program, email

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Vermont forest products industry generates $2.1 billion in annual economic output

Cross-laminated timber is as strong as steel and actually more fire-resistant.

In 2020, the carbon benefit for reported softwood projects was equivalent to taking 945,100 cars off the road for a year.

Lidar and UAVs are improving forest and inventory management, increasing knowledge, and leading to better decision making.

80 cents of each dollar spent on wood heat is retained in the local economy.

The forest products industry manufactures nearly $300 Billion in products annually.

Accelerator Benefits

Connections to Industry Experts

and key players in the forest and wood products value chain to gain insight and guidance on the forest products market for your company and connections to suppliers and customers.


with universities, labs, and national businesses to access research, pilots, testing, and other resources for your business.


to resources including subscriptions and databases at Northern Vermont University, workspace at Do North Coworking, and equipment at The Foundry makerspace.

A hybrid program

with both virtual and in-person components that provides financial support for participant travel and lodging for two trips to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom to connect in-person with other cohort participants, coaches, and industry players.


April 1: Application opens, rolling acceptance

June 17: Application closes

July 18: Accelerator prework begins

August 1-2: 2-day virtual kickoff

August 29- September 1: Sprint 1, Lyndonville, VT

October 10-12: Sprint 2, Virtual

November 14-16: Sprint 3, Lyndonville, VT

Between virtual and in-person programming, teams attend webinars; meet with coaches and industry experts; get access to online lessons; and work on developing their business cases, models, and market plans. Once accepted to the program, immediate benefits include a membership to Do North Coworking for workspace and building connections, access to university resources like subscriptions and databases, and access to a makerspace with cutting edge equipment for prototyping and product development. For more information or program questions, email us at

Our Sponsors

The Forest Products Accelerator is made possible by support from the Northern Borders Regional Commission. To continue this program and support innovation and commercialization in the forest industry, we are actively seeking support and partnerships with businesses and organizations.

Accelerator sponsors support industry innovation and receive recognition, access to the next generation of innovation and ideas, and a range of other benefits. For more information on supporting the Forest Products Accelerator, emails us at