Cohort 2023

Cohort 2023

calmura natural walls

(British Columbia); Developing a patented biocomposite wall system that provides healthy and durable shells to homes and buildings using waste wood from lumber mills to create carbon-negative building products.


(Pennsylvania): Fyrwood is developing a centralized digital marketplace that helps firewood sellers manage their operations and connect with more buyers through an automated merchant portal.

Heartwood biomass

(California): Produces woodstraw mulch from forest byproducts to control erosion and support forest restoration.

Maine Plywood USA

(Maine): Starting the only plywood underlayment plant in North America to meet customer demand throughout the country.

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(Oregon): Developing bio-based and low carbon construction materials from small diameter trees that reduce the building industry's environmental footprint and contribute to a circular economy.

Symmetry Wood

(California): Creating precious woods from food and other waste products that will replace rare high-cost wood seen in many high end products and to empower designers with more sustainable, high-performing materials.

HFN Timber Tiles

(British Columbia): Developing a tree-to-tile production methodology that utilizes undervalued Western Hemlock trees to create wooden tiles that easily replace ceramic.

Treeline Terrains

(Vermont): Uses satellite mapping technology to create 3D wood models that capture and celebrate place-based experiences.

Our Advisors

The Forest Products Accelerator is guided by a group of dedicated advisors with industry, startup, and entrepreneurial experience. They support program development and provide industry connections, technical expertise, and guidance to companies participating in the Accelerator.


Jared Reynolds

Do North Coworking

Christine McGowan

Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Jay Shafer

Disaster Tech

Ann Nygard

Northern Vermont University

Scott Holston

Vermont Small Business Development Center

Tabitha Bowling

Scout Handbags
Jon Howard

John Howard

Entrepreneur / Advisor

Judy Giordan


Joseph Steig


Industry experts

The Forest Products Accelerator connects participating companies with industry experts, customers, suppliers, and investors. The following individuals participate in the program as panelists or experts.

Joe Short

Northern Forest Center

Sean Ross

Managing Director, Lyme Timber

Josh Henry

President, Go Lab Inc.

Tabitha Bowling

Chief Operating Officer, Scout Handbags

Jim Kitsch

President, Passumpsic Savings Bank

Ken Pulido

Department of Energy

Andy Fast

University of New Hampshire

Shane O’Neill,

University of Maine

Jennifer Shakun

New England Forestry Foundation

Nicole Lauzon

Government of British Columbia

Katie Harrell

Joint Institute for Wood Products Innovation

Molly Willard

Vermont Natural Resource Department

Kevin Lambert

USDA Rural Development

Mark Raishart

Vermont Housing and Conservation Board

Evan Carlson

Whiteout Solutions

Sam Roach Gerber

Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies

Josh Oakley

Mass Kingdom

Joe Royer

SBIR Advisors

Jim Frohn

UNH Extension

Barry Hulce

Vermont Manufacturing Collaborative

Our Sponsors

The Forest Products Accelerator is made possible by support from the Northern Borders Regional Commission. To continue this program and support innovation and commercialization in the forest industry, we are actively seeking support and partnerships with businesses and organizations.

Accelerator sponsors support industry innovation and receive recognition, access to the next generation of innovation and ideas, and a range of other benefits. For more information on supporting the Forest Products Accelerator, emails us at