Cohort 2022

Applied Biorefinery Sciences

(New York) is commercializing water-based biorefinery technology using Hot Water Extraction to revolutionize the production of fuel pellets, pulp, products, and chemicals from biomass.

Farm to flame

(Pennsylvania) provides clean and affordable renewable electricity to medium and large commercial operations using smokeless and odorless biomass electricity generators. Fuel is created using biomass waste like woody debris, dry crop waste, and yard trimmings and targets commercial operations that suffer from high electricity rates.


(Massachusetts) is expanding market opportunities for tree crops and tree products, all sustainably sourced from well-managed, regenerative agroforestry systems or ecologically sound harvesting of non-timber forest products.

Forward Forestry

(New Hampshire) runs Mill Market, a platform that connects loggers to the lumber mill that will buy their logs for the highest price, and then provides a simple platform for coordinating the sale of those logs.

gaia ai

(Massachusetts) is creating the largest supply of high-quality carbon credit in the world by using an AI-based platform for forest management that addresses the challenges of carbon accounting and verification.

Greenstate biochar

(Vermont) produces high quality biochar from available waste wood that can be utilized in a myriad of applications including the production of energy.


(Vermont) produces high quality all natural packaging made from wood curls that have a low environmental impact. We offer biodegradable and compostable packaging that’s cost effective and protects your products in shipping.

Our Advisors

The Forest Products Accelerator is guided by a group of dedicated advisors with industry, startup, and entrepreneurial experience. They support program development and provide industry connections, technical expertise, and guidance to companies participating in the Accelerator.


Jared Reynolds

Do North Coworking

Eli Gould

Quebec Wood Export Bureau

Jay Shafer

Northview Weather

Jeff Meller


Christine McGowan

Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Tabitha Bowling

Scout Handbags

Scott Holston

Vermont Small Business Development Center

Ann Nygard

Northern Vermont University

Ryan Hanrahan

California Closets

Joseph Steig


Judy Giordan

Jon Howard

John Howard

Entrepreneur / Advisor

Industry experts

The Forest Products Accelerator connects participating companies with industry experts, customers, suppliers, and investors. The following individuals participate in the program as panelists or experts.

Jeff Ouyang

Director of Innovation at UFP Industries

Eli Gould

US Representative at Quebec Wood Export Bureau

Donna Cassese

Forest Industry Consultant

Joe Short

Northern Forest Center

Dan Hudnut

President, Wagner Forest Management

Sean Ross

Managing Director, Lyme Timber

Pascal Beaulieu

Manager, Appalachian Flooring

Jim Frohm

Field Specialist, UNH Extension

Leanne Tallis

Regional Sales Manager, Elohi Strategic Advisors

Jim Kitsch

President, Passumpsic Savings Bank

Brian Ball

Manager, Lyndon Furniture

Tabitha Bowling

Chief Operating Officer, Scout Handbags

Jay Bockhaus

Managing Director, CORI Innovation Fund

Tad Atwell

Chief Operating Officer, Mascoma Community Development

Daniel Wallace

SVP Lending and Investment, Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

Cairn Cross

Co-founder and Managing Director, Fresh Tracks Capital

Ricky McLain

Senior Technical Director, Woodworks

Paul Frederick

Program Leader, Wood Utilization and Wood Energy Program, State of Vermont

Scott Leavengood

Director, Oregon Wood Innovation Center

Patrick Rappold

Wood Utilization Specialist, US Forest Service

Rob Conboy

CEO Glavel

Fred Horton

President & CEO, Standard Biocarbon

Josh Henry

President, Go Lab Inc.

Our Sponsors

The Forest Products Accelerator is made possible by support from the Northern Borders Regional Commission. To continue this program and support innovation and commercialization in the forest industry, we are actively seeking support and partnerships with businesses and organizations.

Accelerator sponsors support industry innovation and receive recognition, access to the next generation of innovation and ideas, and a range of other benefits. For more information on supporting the Forest Products Accelerator, emails us at