The Forestry Accelerator is a program of Northern Vermont University and Do North Coworking.

The Forestry Accelerator is a competitively-selected four month program open to North American-based pre-seed and seed stage companies.

The program is managed by Do North Coworking and Northern Vermont University and facilitated by EcosVC. The program uses EcosVC’s Lens of the Market Accelerated curriculum, designed to accelerate science and engineering-based startups from research to market.

Thanks to generous support from our funders, the Forestry Accelerator is free to participating companies and provides companies financial support for two trips to Lyndonville, VT and food and lodging while in Lyndonville.

Focus Areas

The program focuses on supporting companies in three broad areas within the forest and wood products industry.

  • Products using chips, dust, resins, shavings, byproducts, and other low grade wood.
  • Technology that improves forest industry operations, production, automation, safety, management, or sales throughout the supply chain.
  • Products or services that increase the use, efficiency, or systems of wood-based heat, energy, or fuels.

Program Requirements

The Forestry Accelerator includes:

  • A two day kickoff meeting and three 2-4 day sprints. Two of the sprints are in-person in Lyndonville, Vermont.
  • Individualized coaching with facilitators and industry experts.
  • Topical webinars with industry experts, entrepreneurs, and national businesses.
  • Weekly assignments and access to EcosVC’s platform and content.
  • North American-based forest and wood products company developing a product, service, or technology in one of our three broad focus areas.
  • Commit two senior team members to participate in the program.
  • Pre-seed or seed stage company. Either pre-revenue or early stage venture with initial revenue.

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